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We’re all about leveling up your outdoor setting. With our curated products, we’ve got the functional, stylish, and comfy additions you need for unforgettable moments in nature.

Our Story
At DENKOE, we strongly believe that style, quality, and environmental responsibility should not be mutually exclusive. This is what led us to embark on a mission to create outdoor furniture that embodies style and quality without compromising on the environment.

In fact, it all started when my wife and I were looking to buy patio furniture for our own backyard and we quickly realized the gap in the market – while some options offered style, they were made with materials that were not of the highest quality or not the best for the environment. On the other hand, the few eco-friendly options available compromised on aesthetics and design. 

This realization led us to dive deep into extensive research, engaging with experts in both design and sustainability so that we could bridge this gap and create products our customers can be proud to display in their own backyard. 

We deeply understand the significance of outdoor living and the value it adds to one’s life. We believe that time spent outdoors is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, rejuvenate the soul, and create cherished memories. We have created furniture that encourages people to embrace the outdoors and create their own oasis where friends and family can gather together in style and create lasting memories.

Bec & Ryan, Co-Founders

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